Voters list Electoral Roll Search for Voters Download procedure state wise

By | March 1, 2017

Voters list Electoral Roll download state wise in CEO website. Download Voters ID list constituency wise online.

The Voters List or maybe Electoral Roll is an extensive all voters in a particular constituency. It really is released to public by Election Commission of India. On this list, looking whether your name is listed as a voter for next election. On other hand, this list cannot be altered 10 days or to Election Day.

Every constituency of every state has a unique voters list well prepared. This list is renewed before every election. Election Commission of India helps to ensure outstanding results for us to check whether our name is present in list.

You will discover two ways in which you can look at your name in electoral roll, viz, online and offline

Looking at your name in Voters List- Online Approach

Occurrence of your name in Voter List online has become a very easy process. Previously, different states experienced different websites and it would be troublesome to keep searching for a particular states website. Now election Commission has brought with each other all links to one particular link, so that it is better to look for your name.

Following is process to check your name as a voter in Voters list Electoral roll online:

  1. Proceed to website Here you can find links to pdf forms of Electoral Rolls.
  2. Simply click on state in your area or have enrolled as a Voter.
  3. A new tab brings. Here you have two options- To search by Name or by ID card
  4. If you have your Voters ID card handy, click on it. Otherwise click on Identity.
  5. New fields become noticeable. Complete details, viz, your district and your name.

Click on search. If your name is enlisted in Voter List, it will show up below search items.

Checking your name in Voters List Electoral roll by Offline Method:

If in case you’re not able to search for your name online, or your electoral office is nearby, you are able to use offline method of searching for your name in list. Click on your constituency’s electoral office and ask them to search name in list. You will have to take a document as resistant of identity, preferably your voter ID card.

How to Correct Mistakes in Voter List Electoral roll in online?

  1. In this case by chance your individual details mentioned in Voter list have mistaken, get it corrected immediately prior to next elections. For this you will need to fill in application form 8 and submit it to primary Electoral Officer of a state.
  2. Likewise, if your name will not appear on list, fill in proper execution of form 6 early on before elections. You have to submit this form also to Chief Electoral Officer of your point out.

Please check whether your name is present in Voters List or not. Otherwise, although you may have a Voters ID card, you will not be allowed to vote.

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