Telangana maa bhoomi Land Records Pahani ROR 1B adangal

By | April 18, 2017

Telangana maa bhoomiTS web land records of Pahani, Adangals. Know telangana farmer loans, due dates of bank loan. Search district wise, name wise land records in bankers portal. portal open now.

Telangana Registration department recently given statement about maa bhoomi program. Maa bhoomi is a user friendly version of web land records search. but up to now no portal is opened as Maa bhoomi. When searched in online we came to this page. hosts bankers user interface to check records. Telangana maa bhoomi will also work with same data.

Services available in Telangana Web land records Bankers portal:

  • Search Telangana Pahani Adangal of land or property.
  • Search Telangana ROR 1B.
  • Know Bank loans or update Charges on lands by banks. (this will not work for direct visitors)

Details found in Telangana maa bhoomi land adangal pahani:

  • Name of owner or Pattadru.
  • Fathers name & Passbook account Number.
  • Name of Occupant, fathers name or Aubhava daru, Tandri peru
  • Total extent or area of land as in survey number.
  • Crop now laid & Season of loan application.
  • Loan or due dates.
  • Area of present land under corps laid.
  • Area of water is supplied under Irrigation scheme of state.
  • Season of present loan applied for crops.
  • Name of crop cultivated.

How to search for pahani adangal in portal?

Visit this link to direct access portal of bankers web land records. This website shares data in Andhra Pradesh data center. But migration will take once maa-bhoomi is launched.

Select pahani adangal link.

  • Now select district, mandal, village one by one.
  • Select Survey number of land or farm. Select year of registration or surveyed.
  • Below your searched details are displayed.

This is not official certified copy of adangals. This is purely informative purpose only. To get a certified copy visit local SRO office.

How to find ROR 1B in Telangana maa bhoomi by pass book number or name?

  • Select ROR 1B link appear in menu.
  • Enter district name, Mandal, Village, Pass book or khata number.
  • Select show PPB button to view village map.
  • Click Generate ROR button to view your land ROR 1B.

Search telangana pahani Adangal ROR 1B land records loans status

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