Smart Aadhar Pro for Aadhar card editing Clear printing

By | April 15, 2017

Smart Aadhar Pro software for editing and clear photos printing on PVC cards. Get your Aadhaar card on PVC cards for clear print.

Smart Aadhaar pro is a tool available in online at This unique tool is used to clear any stains, not clarified images appear on aadhar cards. Now a days color copying of all ID proofs on PVC cards is started all over India. PVC card printers are on demand and people get to use the cards.

Smart Aadhar pro software has following facilities and uses:

It transforms e-aadhar letter downloaded PDF file into CR80 sized PVC card. This tool follows UIDAI standards in printing of PVC aadhar letter or cards.

It has a function of One Click e-aadhar Parsing. Customization of various options in AADHAR PVC Card such as footer, bar-code, Qr code, Photo box etc.

It has a photo or image editing tool with color blending option to adjust image levels. This function works same as Photoshop.

It will automatically adjust per-printed cards of letters with incorrect offsets. It has a report for tracking prints which were taken out using this software. So no duplicating or no misusing of options available in software. It also has a log file which stores all moves done while using this software.

Aadhar pro also receive frequent updates in its version to improve work and sensitivity. You can migrate one system to other by using this option with in 7 days of installation of key.

Bulk printing of multiple Smart aadhaar PVC cards on 10 a4 sized PVC sheets also available. This tool can be used with any CR80 standard inkjet or thermo-pvc card printer.

How to Download Smart aadhar PVC card printer tool?

Visit and select download tab.

You need to install .net framework 4.0 and Adobe reader DC in your system first. If previous versions are installed then update them to latest versions.

Now click Download Smart aadhar Pro. Wait for download to finish. You need to activate license of your product by sign up.

How to activate smart aadhar pro software?

Individual license and Business. Sign up by entering your email id in product activation page and click verification link sent to your email id.

Your product is activated and you can use for personal use. Business users need to pay online the registration and product activation fees to avoid legal and updates problems.