Income Tax returns e verify online EVC IT returns check now

By | April 19, 2017

Income Tax IT returns E verification online procedure. Download or apply for IT EVC certificates copy. IT returns e filing last date 31st July 2016.

Income tax department of India was going to close the IT returns filing be fall of July. Every financial year IT return copies must be filed with in second quarter closing. Now closing date for EVC applying, IT returns e-verification is approached by 31st July 2016.

In previous years after filing ITR V to Income tax department acknowledgement is generated on spot. Usually it has to be send to Bangalore ITR receipt corner with in 120 days. Mobile alert is given when received. Now EVC is to be applied for IT reruns acknowledgement.

IT Returns EVC means Electronically Verified certificate. this is started from this annual financial year to reduce paper use of verification. It is fast and more flexible than previous ITR PAN acknowledgment. To apply for EVC of Income Tax returns 2016 visit

Then login using your PAN details or pre created user id and password. To register new for E-filing of Income tax India select register option. Internet banking is also can be used to file and get e verify your returns in online. EVC copies are generated after filling your concernec form along with Form 16.

Income Tax Returns E verification EVC apply online:

  • First file your tax returns to IT department.
  • Then select Efile tab and choose E verify button in menu. Then proceed to view status of present returns, Previous actions etc.
  • Select E verify button of recent tax return. Then select any one of below options appear in that page.
  • If you have already EVC and reconfirm or verify now. Not have EVC and generate now, Verify now.
  • Validate trough Aadhar OTP for EVC verification.

How to E verify IT e returns trough Internet banking?

Login with Internet banking and select file E-returns of Income tax in options menu. all nationalized banks internet banking linked with PAN card number is allowed for the facility. When forwared trough Internet banking you can access e-verification.

Aadhar Validation trough E-verication of IT returns?

Link your UID aadhar card number to PAN number in Income tax department website. All details of applicant or tay payer such as Name, Address, DOB, etc. Then after successful validation linking you can proceed to Mobile OTP procedure.

How to get EVC copy trough ATM card:

The applied and verified EVC copies are allowed to get trough selected ATM machines over nation. But your account must be linked to PAN and mobile number. SBI, Axis bank ATM have facility for this option

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