ENAM National Agriculture Market Prices Stock Commodities trade

By | April 9, 2017

ENAM Online web portal for Agriculture Commodities, Market rates, Trading, Online purchase in enam.gov.in. National Agriculture Market Wheat, paddy, Oil seeds, Red gram, Green Gram, Bengal gram online market rates.

ENAM.gov.in was started earlier this day by Prime Minister MODI in India. An Online National Agriculture Market for Agri Commodities price, Purchase & Exchange is live now. Now a days Agriculture products such as Paddy, Wheat, Red Gram, Bengal gram, Green Gram, Black gram, Oil seeds, storable vegetables, market rates are not uniform in India. Each state has its independent market committees which decide local market rate.

Due to lack of same rate in each state no investments, Trading, Purchase, sales are done in Agri Commodities. To over come this government started and online Market trading, rates portal which show live rates and max price, minimum price of commodities. Upto now 294 AMC are registered in this web portal and will transact their business as per rates shown in website. The rates are changed dynamically based on market flux.

Implementing of same rate and same market rules in main Agriculture market states will help farmers to sell their crop for good price. Modi decided this will also combine remaining Agriculture market Committees in other states.

Main feature of ENAM National Agriculture Market (NAM):

  • NAM provides unified national market for Agri Commodities.
  • It provides a single desk service for APMC related info and service.
  • Live rates, prices, trading are shown time to time without delay. A facility to lodge any suggestions, offers, purchase of shares in commodities.
  • NAM also reduces transaction costs, information delay. Agriculture market is administered by concerned state marketing regulations. Actual demand and Supply will come to light to stop Dalari or Wholesalers scams in Purchase of crops.
  • Auction procedure is transparent so farmers will lose nothing when these rates are live. It can be accessed by mobile if a small mobile data connection pack is active.

ENAM National Agriculture Market Present active states:

  • Gujarat, Telangana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh.
  • The total list of each states market mandis are listed in About ENAM link in website. Visitors can use this website for informative purpose only. Market rates are shown time to time & subjected to change.
  • E-NAM web portal is under development stage only. They are eager to listen visitors voice and suggestions. Drop your suggestion in SUGGESTION BOX by entering your name, E-Mail address, Suggestion. Click submit.