Assam Voter ID card application status check Electoral Rolls online now

By | February 14, 2017

Assam Voter ID card Online application status, Download new or Duplicate voter id card now. Check Assam Electoral Rolls online.

With transmission of technology in every field, Voter ID card not far lurking behind. This service too has been made online for citizens of this country.

Assam government has launched a site for registering yourself in electoral list. This site consists of all information you need to get job done.

Main Election Officer of Assam in association with main Election Commission of India has launched site. It has all essential information and facilities for people to sign-up themselves in list.

Online Procedure to Enroll for Assam Voter ID Card:

conventional method accompanied by government to enroll adults in list is by paying home sessions every five years. This kind of process has some evident loopholes. Many miss possibility to register themselves in list.

They stay at mercy of officers paying visit. Also, time-frame of five years is quite large to wait around out if you need your name in list.

Although correcting these loopholes, online system gives command in hands of citizens at itself.

Registration Methods to get in electoral roll 

Go to official site to enrol your name in electoral list. Once you get site, choose option of online application. Down load form 6. Fill up in main points carefully.

Comply with specified instructions on form. Take a print of same. Once you submit form, you will get a reference id. This kind of is an important amount to check position of your card in foreseeable future.

Voter ID Verification Method

Once all documents are submitted you should expect an officer in your place. They will give you an acknowledgement. This paper can be submitted in office where you will get your voter ID.

Voter ID Application Method

A citizen of India over an age group of 18 can certainly try registered in electoral list. respondent must have a long lasting residence in your application. If you change address, update information online.

 Features of Voter ID Card

Voter ID card acts as best Holy Grail for all identity purposes. It provides as residence evidence, photography ID and also as a proof of your citizenship. But main thing is that it allows you to a registered voter of India.

You can exercise your right to franchise when you have this Voter ID card. It is suggested to never neglect chance to have your vote. With service provided online it is not hard to apply.

Usually do not miss chance to choose next government. Get card today!

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